Interstellar Honey Sticks 250mg

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Interstellar Honey Sticks 250mg

Product Description

CBD honey sticks are the best answer to consuming CBD more pleasantly. There are currently several ways to consume CBD, but not every method is suitable for all kinds of users. One of the primary concerns among new CBD consumers is that CBD could have an unpleasant taste. 

Thanks to CBD honey, you can enjoy the benefits of CBD while tasting the delicious flavor of honey in each stick. This product has a US Grade-A rating for its ingredients, which means that it’s non-toxic, and it’s completely safe for human consumption.

To put it shortly, these are small tubes made up of honey that you can easily consume by sucking on them. Due to the product’s size, these are easy to transport, so they can be stored in a pocket, purse, or other portable bags.

While people can consume the Interstellar Honey Sticks directly, they can also use it as a complement to other foods or beverages. For example, these CBD honey sticks can be used as a sweetener, salad dressing, or as a general companion to your main meal. 

The CBD honey benefits don’t stop at just being a delicious snack. Thanks to the inclusion of CBD in the ingredients, this product offers several anti-inflammatory, relaxing, and energetic properties. People can consume them for reducing stress or anxiety levels, reduce pain or inflammation, regenerate the skin, and increase energy and productivity levels.

One of the most remarkable things about the Interstellar Honey Sticks is that it can be easily consumed at any point during the day. Whether the user is working out, hiking, or relaxing in bed, they can consume these CBD honey sticks as a healthy snack to relax and promote natural body healing.

Suggested Use

Many people wonder how to use CBD honey sticks since there are many ways to do it. Regardless of how the user consumes it, it’s important to do it at an adequate frequency. While these products don’t cause any heavy side effects, they may produce drowsiness, fatigue, or dry mouth if they’re consumed excessively. 

The effects of CBD honey sticks usually take about 15 minutes to kick in, so it’s important to be patient and wait until the CBD reaches the system and does its job.

To consume this product, cut or bite one end of the stick and suck on it. You can also pour the contents inside another beverage of your choice. It’s suggested that you don’t take more than two sticks during the day, since most experts recommend that people take from one to six mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of the user’s weight.

However, the best way to find out what dose suits you the best is to start with a low one and work your way up until you find something comfortable. It’s important to note that if you suffer any side effects after consuming the Interstellar Honey Sticks, stop consuming them immediately, and seek medical help.


The list below is an overview of all the ingredients found in the Interstellar Honey Sticks (250mg).

  • Natural Cannabidiol
  • CBD Hemp Oil
  • Natural Grade-A Honey

This product contains 0% THC. Each stick contains 10mg of CBD.

Certificate of Analysis

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