Citrus Punch Planet CBD Premium Oil 500mg


Citrus Punch Planet CBD Premium Oil 500mg

Product Description

Most people experience pain at some point, which can prevent them from doing what they want or need to do. Whether you want CBD for energy or CBD oil for back pain, you’re going to find that the Citrus Punch Planet CBD Oil 500mg can help you tremendously. 

However, the type of pain you experience may determine how well the CBD oil works. For example, Citrus Punch Planet CBD Oil has been shown to be effective for treating muscle soreness, swelling, and post-workout recovery. 

Some people realize that using CBD oil helps improve and balance your mood, which helps with your focus and energy. Western medicine can cause severe side effects and could be addicting. However, CBD oil is gentle on the body and is non-addictive. 

Have you wondered, “Where can I buy CBD oil near me?” It’s much easier to buy it online because you can shop from home and have it delivered right to you.

Suggested Use

These CBD oral drops are easy to take. Squeeze the dropper at the top to fill up the storage area. Place it under your tongue or position it in your mouth and squeeze the dropper to let out 1ml of product. If you’re using CBD oil for energy, this is the best method of consumption. However, it’s not the only way to take Citrus Punch Planet CBD Oil.

If you need to use CBD oil for back pain, you can squeeze out a dropper-full into your hand and rub it on the spots that hurt. Sometimes, it is easier to do this with a partner or someone you trust. Let the oil dry and soak into the skin before putting on clothes. Typically, it’s better to use it after a bath or shower and keep it from getting wet so that the oil doesn’t get washed away.

The citrus flavoring makes it easier to take by mouth. You can drain the dropper right into your mouth or add it to your favorite beverage. Some people also mix the CBD oil into a fragrance-free lotion or cream and apply it topically. You may choose to do that or use the oil right on the body. It is not recommended to use this CBD oil in a vaporizer. 

You can take the tincture as often as you want. One container contains 30 servings. It’s recommended to start with one dose in the morning as you start your day. Since it’s designed to boost your energy, you may not want to use it in the late afternoon or evening. This could hinder your ability to sleep at night. However, use it at different times to determine when it helps you most. It can take some trial and error to find out how best to use it for your specific needs.


The ingredients in the Citrus Punch Planet CBD Oil (500mg) are listed below:

  • CBD Isolate – 500mg
  • Citrus flavoring from food-grade essential oils
  • Tropical punch flavoring from food-grade essential oils
  • Other natural and artificial flavors 
  • Carrier oil (Coconut MCT)

Please note: This product doesn’t contain any THC.

Certificate of Analysis

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